Certificate Attestation For UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most important country, situated in the Southeast of Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf.  It has got Oman in the neigh boar-hound on the East, Saudi Arabia on the South and it shares the sea borders with Qatar and Iran.  Arabic is the national language of this country. Abu Dhabi is the main city in the UAE, which is the capital city of this country.  It is situated on I-shaped island projecting into the Persian gulf from the Western Coast.  Federal Govt. offices are located in Abu Dhabi, which is the seat of UAE. UAE is known for excellent employment network, which brings employees and employers together, to render services in various fields, such as Engineering, IT, Finance, Accounting, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Administration, Management, Sales & Marketing etc. UAE has got the largest Indian populace.  More than million Indian migrants, prominently from Kerala and Tamil Nadu are residing   in the UAE. For employing any worker in any firm or organization in the UAE, Work Permit issued by Ministry of Labour is necessary.  It is the prerequisite of employment.  If a person complies with prerequisite norms set by the government, he gets work permit without any hassles

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