Documentation Required to get Job in Dubai | UAE

Now assuming that you are successful in your interviews, the first question any company HR will ask you is “Are you carrying your attested degree document with you?”
If your answer is yes, then your visit visa can be easily converted to work visa in  no time, however if you don’t have this document then all preparation that you did to get this dream job may have to wait for some time till you return back to India and get the document attested from UAE Embassy here.
Now before Embassy attests your degree certificate, it has to be notarized, attested by HRD ministry of respective states, attested by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and then submitted to Embassy for their seal and stamp. If you plan to do all these yourself, it may take a month’s time and few thousands in travel depending on which university / college you need to visit besides Mumbai and Delhi for actual attestation. So it’s advisable that you hand over your degree certificate to a competent Agency which can take care of these all attestations and give your document back to you in few days (a week or 10 days if you are lucky).
The documents that may need attestation are SSC, HSC, ITI, Degree certificate, PG Certificate etc as applicable. It’s advisable to attest highest degree along with Bachelors degree.