“Geophysicist"- Abu Dhabi

We have Job opening for “Geophysicist” with one of the world’s most reputed Oil & Gas Operating Company located in Abu Dhabi.
Experience:   Minimum 6 years experience in geophysical work in an oil industry, including 2 years in fields operations.
 Educational Qualification- Bachelor degree in Geophysics or Geology.
Company Profile:
It’s one of the ADNOC Grp Company and major producer of oil and gas from the areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

1.  Job Purpose:
Reviews and evaluates geophysical/geological data in order to enhance understanding of geological structures with known hydrocarbon reserves and determine new hydrocarbon prospects (i.e. potential reservoirs).  Includes preparing and analyzing time, velocity and depth maps based on accumulated data.
2.  Principal Accountabilities:

  • § Analyses new data obtained from up-to-date seismic surveys utilizing the latest techniques in order to understand the subsurface structures with known hydrocarbon reserves.  Includes updating parameters such s size, depth, closure of structure etc.. Studies new data to determine the existence of any new prospects.
    • § Generates time (ISOCHRON) maps by taking time readings at specified geological formations and contouring equal values.  Obtains velocity data for various readings from existing wells in specified formation, establishes velocity maps (ISO velocity) accordingly and uses above information to calculate and develops depth maps.  Prepares and updates ‘SHOT-POINT’ location maps based on co-ordination of every seismic shot taken during surveys.
    • § Identifies potential areas for drilling exploration or delineation (data gathering) well, co-ordinates with geologists and prepares the geophysical proposals for exploration and/or delineation well, accordingly.
    • § Oversees the processing of geophysical data, as required.  Includes visiting external processing centres, selecting processing parameters and sequences to be applied in assessing seismic sections.  Follows-up with processing centre to ensure the timely receipt of results.  Checks and accepts data submitted by contractors utilizing specialized processing techniques.  Supervises the recording and processing of well velocity surveys conducted in the exploration and/or delineation wells.
    • § Accompanies survey vessel during seismic operation, as required.  Includes ensuring all terms, conditions and survey specifications are adhered to by contractor.  Checks raw data collected on site to ensure accuracy and quality of data.
    • § Works in line with HSE policy, rules and regulations.
    • § Performs other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such; Carrying out adhoc studies to determine justifications for any deviations/anomalies in drilling results, liaising with other company and/or regional oil companies for the mutual exchange of geophysical data, as requested.

Required Skills:

    Very good knowledge of English.

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