Operational Integrity Specialist

Experience: 12+ Yrs
Qualification: B.Sc. in Chemical Engineer
Location: Abu Dhabi
Main Accountabilities: 

  • To be the custodian for companies framework for process safety for operations and communicate the framework by conducting regular presentations and discussions with sites on related issues during Asset Integrity Forum.
  • To maintain and keep up to date the strategy for process safety for operations by reviewing it once every 3 years or when major changes are made to COMAH report, Operations, Organization and HSECES hardware.
  • To develop the requirements of the GAME (Companies Asset Management Excellence) that relate to operating integrity, including “(ESP) Ensure Safe Production” including alarm management, shift handover, control room situational awareness and safe start up.
  • To coordinate the implementation of ESP and report any non-compliance to AIMS Steering Committee.
  • To assure process safety minimum expectations are adhered by plants when conducting their HSE and IA Critical Activities.
  • To facilitate internal verification of process safety critical activities and assist HSE division in conducting external verification.
  • To analyze and advise on all Process Safety for operations non-conformances and close-out of corrective actions while monitoring implementation of Process Safety Incident recommendations till closure.
  • To advise new projects and modifications of plant equipment and system compiling with process safety for operations expectations.
  • To monitor and provide plants the means to ensure that the Plant operating windows are up to date.
  • To act as a custodian of the procedures for managing and investigating deviations from defined critical operating windows.
  • To manage the Plant Change Management (PCM) standards automated within Maximo, ensuring the management of safeguarding and overrides procedure.
  • To conduct project design documents; review and provide inputs and comments to ensure Process Safety operations expectations are complied with.
  • To participate in process studies (HAZIDs, HAZOPs and SILs) for new projects and modifications.
  • To participate in PHSER for new projects and modifications.
  • To lead or participate in Asset Integrity level 2 audits of Plants/pipelines.
  • To develop, as required, new Asset Integrity E-Learning courses and launch on companies E-Learning portal while monitoring staffs participation in the courses.
  • To develop, maintain and update competency assurance requirements for Process Safety operations.
  • To provide inputs to the rolling 5-year Asset Integrity business plan.
  • To support the Integrity Assurance Vice President in the preparation of costs and budgetary estimates for the Division during the annual budget exercise.
  • To prepare tender scope of work, provide clarifications to technical queries and conduct technical evaluation of tenders related to Integrity Assurance Division.
  • To manage contracts and liaise with Contractors in the implementation of the Contracts related to IA Division till completion. Provide feedback on the performance of the Contract and Contractor to Commercial division.




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