Pipeline Supervisor Abu Dhabi 13

We have an opening for Pipelines Supervisor” in one of the world’s most reputed Oil & Gas Operating Companies located in “Abu Dhabi”.
Experience: 8+ years
Education Qualification: B. Sc in Engineering or equivalent engineering qualification.
Company Profile:
The Company will develop Gas Field with the highest H2S of 23% and 10% of CO2. Company will drill the wells, maintain the reservoir, and transfer the non-associated gas through gathering pipelines where the extraction operation will take place at Plant. The process products NGL, sales gas and condensate will be transferred through company pipelines and tie into Company products pipeline for further processing. Liquid sulphur will be transferred through sulphur pipelines to the Shah Sulphur Station for granulation and transfer to terminal through rail network
The main areas of responsibility involve the maintenance of major rotating equipment such as Gas Turbines, gas compressors, turbo expanders, blowers, diesel prime movers, pumps, valves and fin fan coolers
Basic Function and Scope:
To supervise all operation activities and coordinate maintenance, repairs, modification and inspection activities on gas and hydrocarbon pipelines of the assigned area.
Task, Duties and Accountabilities:

  • To supervise the activities of assigned personnel and be the mentor for development of the assigned personnel with specific attention to training of UAE Nationals.
  • To review daily plans of the jobs to be performed and schedule jobs in accordance with operating requirements and priority. Issue relevant Work Permits to Maintenance team/ Contractors. Arrange supervision for the repair of critical equipment and pipeline leaks, hot works etc.
  • To prepare Weekly program for pipelines and related equipment and submit Weekly Reports to Operations Superintendent for further action.
  • To follow up and ensure availability of adequate stock of emergency response material, filter elements, pig spares and other operation spares etc.
  • To update operating procedures as required, to test operator/ patrolman response to emergency scenarios (mock drills), to control wastes and emissions.
  • To assist in detailed investigation of incidents and review all threats to HSE and the business process. Follow up the implementation of recommendations including internal and external audit findings.
  • To assume the responsibility of Emergency Incident Controller in case of emergencies and give instructions at site & advice to Main Emergency Controller to control the emergency effectively.
  • To closely liaise with Producers, Customers, Municipality, Oilfield Security Police and Contractors for meeting their expectations.
  • To supervise and ensure the work done by third parties on behalf of the local government in the vicinity of the pipelines to ensure security of the pipeline network.
  • To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  • To provide instruction to meet Competency Based Training programs for UAE Nationalization.

Work Contacts:

  • Reports to Shift Controller,
  • Regular contacts with Pipeline Technicians, contractors.

Kindly let us know if you will be interested to apply for the above position. If yes, please respond to this email with your updated CV at earliest with the following details:

  • Highest Qualification:
  • Current Company:
  • Current Location:
  • Total Exp:
  • Current CTC:
  • Expected CTC:
  • Notice period:


  • Kindly do not send your CV to any other agency or upload to company’s web site because it will be considered as duplicate & you will not be allowed to attend interview.
  • Cv’s will be accepted of all nationality except Indians & Arabs.




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