Pipeline Technician Abu Dhabi 13

We have an opening for Pipeline Technician” in one of the world’s most reputed Oil & Gas Operating Companies located in “Abu Dhabi”.
Experience: 8+ years
Education Qualification: Diploma or equivalent or HCT D. /ATI/ Equivalent in Tech. or Related
Company Profile:
The Company will develop Gas Field with the highest H2S of 23% and 10% of CO2. Company will drill the wells, maintain the reservoir, and transfer the non-associated gas through gathering pipelines where the extraction operation will take place at Plant. The process products NGL, sales gas and condensate will be transferred through company pipelines and tie into Company products pipeline for further processing. Liquid sulphur will be transferred through sulphur pipelines to the Shah Sulphur Station for granulation and transfer to terminal through rail network
The main areas of responsibility involve the maintenance of major rotating equipment such as Gas Turbines, gas compressors, turbo expanders, blowers, diesel prime movers, pumps, valves and fin fan coolers
Basic Function and Scope:
To assist with day- to-day operations/maintenance and assessment of gas pipelines. To conduct field pipeline operations, including intelligent pigging, verification of pigging tool accuracy by physical inspection, coating protection surveys, coating inspection & repair, non-destructive testing, leak surveys, valve servicing and other pipeline remedial works.
Task, Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Support contractors and inspect civil works during construction projects of fences, berms, pipeline crossings, etc. to ensure the work is safe and according to the specification.
  • Carry out all planned or unplanned mechanical maintenance work and ensure good housekeeping at the work sites in accordance with established safety procedures.
  • Specific knowledge required in the maintenance of valves with pneumatic and hydraulic control systems.
  • To carry out ‘pigging’ operations on the pipeline in accordance with company procedures. Includes routine flushing, cleaning, gauging and intelligent pigging.
  • To carry out depressurizing and purging of pipelines, including gas tests in accordance with established procedures and work permit requirements.
  • Take and record readings at various cathodic protection test points along the pipeline and report low readings or other abnormalities to the supervisor for necessary action.
  • Carry out pipeline patrolling duties when required, to include checking pipeline route, reporting encroachments, any unauthorized or hazardous work being performed on or near pipeline right of way.
  • Required to oversee contractors working on company assets, or any other third party working on or near the pipeline, to ensure there is no damage to the pipeline system.
  • Ensure that the required tools, spares and maintenance equipment are available for completion of the work.
  • Coordinate with the Operations Control Room for the routine field operation and monitoring of the pipeline system (i.e. valves, meter runs, filters, pig traps, vents etc). Checking and recording field process parameter readings where applicable,
  • Carries out regular 24 hr. on-call duty responsibilities according to pre-organized , to provide emergency operation and maintenance support outside normal working hours.
  • Performs other similar or related duties as and when assigned by direct supervisor.
  • To perform and participate in the preventive, corrective and troubleshooting mechanical maintenance activities of the plant equipment.
  • To attend Toolbox meetings to establish scope of work activities such as safety requirements permits to work, special tools and materials.
  • To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  • To troubleshoot, identify and isolate faulty components, on mechanical equipment, using P&IDs, manufacturers’ manuals, drawings and diagrams.
  • To provide instruction to meet Competency Base Training programs for UAE Nationalization.

Work Contacts:

  • Reports to the Pipeline Supervisor
  • Regular contact with contractors, workshop technicians

Kindly let us know if you will be interested to apply for the above position. If yes, please respond to this email with your updated CV at earliest with the following details:

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  • Kindly do not send your CV to any other agency or upload to company’s web site because it will be considered as duplicate & you will not be allowed to attend interview.
  • Cv’s will be accepted of all nationality except Indians & Arabs.




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