Production Engineer

Experience: 10+ years
Qualification: B. Sc. in Petroleum, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent degree
Location: Abu Dhabi
Job Profile:

  • Prepares programs for rigless operations, perforation, kick-off operation, stimulation and well testing to be carried out by service companies.
  • Undertakes rigless completion and testing of newly drilled/worked over wells.
  • Prepares programs for various well tests such as multi-rate production/injection tests and isochronal/ modified isochronal tests.
  • Coordinates and supervises testing operations and carries out preliminary interpretation and evaluation of test results.
  • Supervises production logging and carries out preliminary log interpretation and evaluation of test results.
  • Coordinates and supervise down hole equipment testing and maintenance.
  • Monitors oil/gas producing and water injection wells performance. Investigates and diagnoses well problems and proposes action requirements. Recommends work over for specific wells giving prognosis of each well and work over justification.
  • Reviews and evaluates water injection clusters performance and discusses the long term injection test with concerned engineers of other Departments.
  • Participates in technical studies concerning water/gas injection and artificial lift projects, oil and gas operations, facilities optimization or modification, as assigned.
  • Maintains comprehensive database on well history, oil/gas production, water production/ injection and gas injection statistics.
  • Participates in the development of operating, reporting and recording procedures for oil, gas and water production/injection performance.
  • Participates in the preparation of the department budget as applicable to production engineering.




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