SAP Systems Officer Abu Dhabi 13

We have an opening for “SAP Systems Officer” in one of the world’s most reputed Oil & Gas Operating Companies located in “Abu Dhabi”.
Experience: 6+ years
Education Qualification: B. Sc Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
Company Profile:
The Company will develop Gas Field with the highest H2S of 23% and 10% of CO2. Company will drill the wells, maintain the reservoir, and transfer the non-associated gas through gathering pipelines where the extraction operation will take place at Plant. The process products NGL, sales gas and condensate will be transferred through company pipelines and tie into Company products pipeline for further processing. Liquid sulphur will be transferred through sulphur pipelines to the Shah Sulphur Station for granulation and transfer to terminal through rail network
The main areas of responsibility involve the maintenance of major rotating equipment such as Gas Turbines, gas compressors, turbo expanders, blowers, diesel prime movers, pumps, valves and fin fan coolers
Basic Function and Scope

  • Provides support services on system integration and administration to enhance the utilization and performance of the SAP System related to Operation & Maintenance.  Assists the Operations and Maintenance teams in reviewing the business processes and develops and implements projects to expand and/or enhance the SAP System.

Task, Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Provide support to current users in operating the SAP System related to Operations and Maintenance to achieve maximum benefits’ realization. Includes providing ongoing advice to users and key process owners, responding to their requests for problem resolution, system training and improvements.
  • Assist users with the day to day use of SAP, developing and tuning the system to produce reports.
  • Ensure user documentation is prepared, that users are provided with training and that appropriate security codes and authorizations are in place in conjunction with the Security Coordinator.
  • Initiate and lead workshop to address cross-functional issues and processes that need to be resolved.
  • Carry out an ongoing audit of SAP, ensuring that the system is producing at the levels anticipated, identifying any user problems for resolution and providing with a periodic report on each application.
  • Monitor ongoing usage of SAP, identifying issues/opportunities for continuous system improvement.
  • Key Leader for upgrades, enhancements and introduction of new functionality to meet new/enhanced business needs. Includes working with users, key process owners, Steering Committee and hosted system support team. Tasks cover presenting the business case and financial details associated with obtaining Company approvals; developing the project, reviewing and agreeing systems designs, review and testing of the functionality; training of users, preparation related systems documentation; data migration & reconciliation.
  • Assist the business in reviewing business processes and determines which SAP functionality should be implemented to streamline the process and achieve maximum benefits.
  • Participates in developing and maintaining user service agreements with internal clients and maintaining the Company’s relationships and service agreements with the hosted system support team.
  • Working with other areas of Finance and the Company’s auditors in developing and implementing an appropriate systems audit program.
  • Partner with IT Division in all areas of SAP platforms and Infrastructure development and maintenance.
  • Any other related assignments as advised by the superior.

Work Contact:

  • Internal Relations: Extensive contact with SAP users and key process owners to support their operations and resolve operational problems, including Management.  .
  • External Relations: Work with Hosted System Support Teams. Periodic contact with the SAP champion & Steering Committee on major SAP projects & policy issues.

Kindly let us know if you will be interested to apply for the above position. If yes, please respond to this email with your updated CV at earliest with the following details:

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  • Kindly do not send your CV to any other agency or upload to company’s web site because it will be considered as duplicate & you will not be allowed to attend interview.
  • CV’s will be accepted of all nationality except Indians & Arabs.




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