Senior Reservoir Engineer Management,Abu Dhabi

Discipline Expert Reservoir Engineering – Reservoir Management (RE-EM) provides expert advice and consultation to subsurface teams in reservoir engineering in general and, specifically, in reservoir monitoring and management related activities that directly impact COMPANY’s short and long term field development plans and assists them achieve their objectives in the areas of Technology Management, Technical Challenges, Standard Practices and Knowledge Sharing. This scope requires someone with breadth and depth of technical knowledge in reservoir engineering, related experience in reservoir monitoring and management and excellent interpersonal skills.  In the absence of Discipline Expert Reservoir Engineering – Studies (RE-ES), RE-EM also carries out the duties of RE-ES in addition to those specified here.
The scope of the job covers the following major areas:
1.     Promoting effective integration of key aspects of reservoir engineering in the development of integrated models for Full Field Development Plans and in monitoring and managing the reservoirs in accordance with related technical Working System standards and Shareholder guidelines and best practices.
2.     Assuring careful planning and effective execution of reservoir monitoring and management plans by the asset teams.
3.     Assuring COMPANY has and effectively manages its software and hardware resources for reservoir monitoring and management.
4.     Promoting the application of the best practices and methods sanctioned by COMPANY management and Shareholders for reserves/resource estimations and the dissemination of the fundamentals of the reserves/resource management system to COMPANY staff. As requested, participating in annual reserves review and update sessions to assure proper implementation of the fundamentals and in support of the asset teams.
5.     Promoting effective integration of the key aspects of reservoir engineering and, especially, of reservoir monitoring and management aspects with other disciplines, including petrophysics, geological modeling, geophysics, petroleum production engineering and drilling.
6.     Promoting knowledge sharing and transfer of experiences related to reservoir monitoring and management across different teams, within subsurface community and from COMPANY Shareholders and the industry through forums, workshops, technology focus groups.
7.     Supporting efforts to develop the reservoir engineering staff in reservoir monitoring and management with special emphasis on UAE Nationals.
Job Requirements    

  • Minimum of MSc in Petroleum Engineering, Earth Sciences or equivalent. PhD is preferable.

Work Experience

  • More than 15 years experience in the petroleum industry, with the last 10 years reasonably balanced between reservoir management and simulation with emphasis on reservoir monitoring and management, including a leadership position in the last 3 years and a history of delivery at an excellent level of performance.
  • Industry-recognized authority in reservoir engineering with in-depth theoretical and practical experience.
  • Significant experience in application of reservoir monitoring and management tools, field development, and interfacing with both geological and dynamic models and modelers.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of various reservoir monitoring software and tools.Familiarity with vendors’ capabilities.


  • Dynamic, self motivated, excellent oral and written communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent project management skills including business and technical risk analysis.


  • Demonstrated ability in coaching and mentoring new hires.
  • Proven track record in technology application and transfer to operations.

Physical Demands
Work Environment

  • Minimal – regular walking, standing, and keyboard use for up to 50% of the work day
  • 70% air conditioned office
  • 30% field visits


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