Sr. Instrument & Control Engineer

Experience: 12+ Yrs
Qualification: B.Sc. in Instrument & Control Engineering or equivalent with full knowledge of HSE in a plant Environment
Location: Abu Dhabi
Job Specific Skills: 

  • Excellent ability to develop and implement ALEM processes and procedures for achievement of the desired goals.
  • Management skills related to the functional domain and disciplines.
  • Project management and multiple activities/discipline management skills.
  • Strong ability to coach others and build network across groups and shares ideas.
  • Drive results, focus on must wins, make changes and open & honest.
  • Strong ability to set direction and commitment to achieving excellence and challenging goals.
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving/root cause analysis skills.
  • Strong and effective ability to work closely with all levels of the organization.
  • Flexibility to respond to changing work scope and business needs while still accomplishing required actions.

Job Specific Requirements: 

  • Conduct Macro Level Analysis (Screening/High Level Review) for all critical Instrument & Control systems nominated in the Scoping stage and establish their Current Condition.
  • Nominate/short-list equipment required Micro Level Analysis (Detailed Analysis) and further studies.
  • Conduct Micro Level Analysis for all nominated/short-listed critical Instrument & Control systems, covering all this stage elements – please refer to ALEM Strategy and critical Instrument & Control systems life extension procedure.
  • Identify, understand and evaluation all ageing mechanisms and obsolescence aspects relevant to Instrument & Control systems. Establish a process to keep track of key control & safeguarding systems, equipment vendor obsolescence declarations, limited life cycle technical bulletins etc. in order to initiate proactive actions for upgrades/replacements
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ALEM Management System relevant to Instrument & Control systems, including existing methods/practices for predicting, preventing, monitoring and mitigating threats.
  • Conduct Life Expectancy Assessment for all critical Instrument & Control systems covered in previous Micro Level Analysis stage with reasonable certainty or with an appropriate assumption, confirming confidence level of the assessment.
  • Establish critical Instrument & Control systems Life Stage (Stage1 – 4) and escalate all urgent issues & mitigation measures required.
  • Proactively, in alignment with other ALEM discipline engineers, pursue opportunities to extend critical Instrument & Control systems life beyond its original design.
  • Conduct Cost-Benefit Analysis & Cost-Risk Optimization, in integration with other ALEM discipline engineers, to decide/determine the optimum Renewal Strategy/ALEM Options for extending critical Instrument & Control systems life.
  • Throughout all ALEM key stages, discuss, challenge and agree with counterpart/concerned parties all relevant issues, findings and recommendations relevant to critical Instrument & Control systems included in the study.
  • Obtain management approval for the recommendations and budget allocation relevant to critical
  • Instrument & Control systems renewal strategy, post to their acceptance by the concerned site.
  • Provide inputs to Asset Reference Planning Coordinator to update the critical Instrument & Control systems part in the long term asset replacement/rejuvenation plan.
  • Ensure that Instrument & Control recommendations are integrated and aligned with other ALEM disciplines recommendations with more focus on renewal strategy, cost, overall risk, priority, target date, and action party
  • Liaise, discuss and agree with OEI Section and other concern parties to implement the required improvement actions.
  • Roll-out, together with other ALEM discipline engineers & facilities/stakeholders, the implementations of methods & policies necessary for Instrument & Control systems life extension.
  • Act as GASCO ALEM focal point, Instrument & Control systems representative, and ensure continuous coordination with Project, Sites, TE and other concerned parties through regular visits, contacts and meetings.




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