Sr. Mechanical Engineer – 04

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to approach you for a suitable opening for “Sr. Mechanical Engineer” with one of the world’s most reputed Oil & Gas Operating Companies located in Abudhabi.
Experience: At least 12 years experience in relevant professional in Oil and Gas industry with:
Education Qualification:  B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent with full knowledge of HSE in a plant environment.
Company Profile   
This is an ADNOC Group Company (Abu Dhabi) which is responsible for the processing of natural and associated gas from onshore oil operations. Expansion of the National Gas Grid to cope with the increase in gas supply and demand. Maximizing gas utilization in the different sectors (locally & export). Upgrading the National Gas Grid and its facilities.
Job Purpose:

  • Ensure that risks associated with/resulted from asset life extension activities are understood, evaluated, and effectively controlled, providing sufficient visibility to COMPANY & Shareholders on relevant threats and demonstrating compliance where applicable,
  • Secure and exploit opportunities to extend critical assets performance when approached/exceeded their useful/original design life, ensuring safe and reliable life extension,
  • Provide cost-effective decision making approach for asset replacement/rejuvenation, considering the cost/risk-optimization results

Main Accountabilities:
Health, Safety and Environment

  • Support the institution of an HSE culture and adhere to relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation, ensuring that they are effectively implemented in relevant domain
  • Ensure that relevant HSE and Integrity threats (aging, obsolescence) are identified and evaluated

Business Strategy

  • Support development of and communicate COMPANY ALEM Strategy, ensuring its alignment with the overall business goals
  • Define, identify and ensure satisfaction of all critical Business/Decision Drivers
  • Participate in designing/developing, if required, specific Business Application related to ALEM

Budgets and Business Plans

  • Develop and implement, in integration with other ALEM discipline engineers, ALEM yearly business plan and allocate the optimal budget in line with Department’s business objectives,
  • Provide inputs to maintain an updated long term asset replacement/rejuvenation plan which addresses & captures forecasted business requirements and threats to asset functions
  • Monitor, collaboratively with other ALEM discipline engineers, expenditures against the approved budget and investigate & reconcile any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control,

Standardization and ALEM Cross-discipline Activities

  • Develop and maintain, collaboratively with other ALEM discipline engineers, strategies, standards and techniques to allow effective management of extended asset life, based on relevant International Standards, industry best practices, maintaining broad range of capabilities & knowhow of predictive techniques for remnant life assessment,
  • Establish and manage, in integration with other ALEM discipline engineers, an effective & integrated ALEM program that ensures all critical drivers, which would enforce the relevant needs, are satisfied, optimum replacement/rejuvenation options are accordingly determined, and that addresses foreseeable business requirements, ensuring continual improvement of all program elements & processes,
  • Ensure, in integration with other ALEM discipline engineers, that all Contributing Factors and required Support are identified/satisfied throughout ALEM process, acting as a focal point for the mechanical discipline
  • Participate, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, in ALEM Planning, Preparation & Scoping process, acting as a focal point for the Mechanical Equipment discipline,
  • Participate, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, in ALEM Data Gathering & Recording System processes, acting as a focal point for the Mechanical Equipment discipline
  • Establish, in integration with other ALEM discipline engineers, corporate ALEM guidelines and ensure processes/practices homogeneity, alignment, streamlining and simplification across operations assets,
  • Develop & maintain, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, relevant metrics that reveals Mechanical Equipment life condition and controls effectiveness
  • Identify and introduce, in collaboration with other ALEM discipline engineers, tools and techniques that enhance the forecasting of Mechanical Equipment life expectancy and the monitoring of its current status,
  • Identify, whenever advisable, the need for a 3rd party Life Assessment study relevant to Mechanical Equipment and develop the required scope of work,
  • Conduct, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, an integrated ALEM program effectiveness review and ensure that the relevant improvement opportunities are incorporated,
  • Commit, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, to an open and transparent process that where applicable ensures stakeholders are informed and involved in related ALEM issues and discussions,
  • Keep abreast of and evaluate, in coordination with other ALEM discipline engineers, new industry products and techniques relevant to ALEM program, acting as a focal point for the Mechanical Equipment discipline,
  • Communicate, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, ALEM requirements, know-how, and identify training needs to meet these requirements, acting as a focal point for the Mechanical Equipment discipline,
  • Provide, together with other ALEM discipline engineers, a global forum for networking among practitioners of asset life extension management and exchange information & experiences between stakeholders, promoting a culture of proactive attitude toward excellence

Job Specific Requirements:

  • Conduct Macro Level Analysis (Screening/High Level Review) for all critical Mechanical Equipment nominated in the Scoping stage and establish their Current Condition,
  • Nominate/short-list equipment required Micro Level Analysis (Detailed Analysis) and further studies
  • Conduct Micro Level Analysis for all nominated/short-listed critical Mechanical Equipment, covering all this stage elements – please refer to ALEM Strategy and critical Mechanical Equipment life extension procedure
  • Identify, understand and evaluation all ageing mechanisms and obsolescence aspects relevant to Mechanical Equipment
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ALEM Management System relevant to Mechanical Equipment, including existing methods/practices for predicting, preventing, monitoring and mitigating threats,
  • Conduct Life Expectancy Assessment for all critical Mechanical Equipment covered in previous Micro Level Analysis stage with reasonable certainty or with an appropriate assumption, confirming confidence level of the assessment
  • Establish critical Mechanical Equipment Life Stage (Stage1 – 4) and escalate all urgent issues & mitigation measures required
  • Proactively, in alignment with other ALEM discipline engineers, pursue opportunities to extend critical Mechanical Equipment life beyond its original design,
  • Conduct Cost-Benefit Analysis & Cost-Risk Optimization, in integration with other ALEM discipline engineers, to decide/determine the optimum Renewal Strategy/ALEM Options for extending critical Mechanical Equipment life,
  • Throughout all ALEM key stages, discuss, challenge and agree with counterpart/concerned parties all relevant issues, findings and recommendations relevant to critical Mechanical Equipment included in the study
  • Obtain management approval for the recommendations and budget allocation relevant to critical Mechanical Equipment renewal strategy, post to their acceptance by the concerned site,
  • Provide inputs to Asset Reference Planning Coordinator to update the critical Mechanical Equipment part in the long term asset replacement/rejuvenation plan
  • Ensure that Mechanical Equipment recommendations are integrated and aligned with other ALEM disciplines recommendations with more focus on renewal strategy, cost, overall risk, priority, target date, and action party
  • Liaise, discuss and agree with OEI Section and other concern parties to implement the required improvement actions
  • Roll-out, together with other ALEM discipline engineers & facilities/stakeholders, the  implementations of methods & policies necessary for Mechanical Equipment life extension,
  • Act as COMPANY ALEM focal point, Mechanical Equipment representative, and ensure continuous coordination with Project, Sites, TE and other concerned parties through regular visits, contacts and meetings

Kindly let us know if you will be interested to apply for the above position. If yes, please respond to this email with your updated CV at earliest with the following details:

  • Highest Qualification:
  • Current Company:
  • Current Location:
  • Total Exp:
  • Experience (Oil & Gas):
  • Reachable No.:
  • Current Salary:
  • Expected Salary:
  • Notice period:

If your CV is shortlisted for Personal round of Interview, please note following information as below:
Venue: Abu Dhabi (details will be shared later)
Reimbursement: Client will arrange for visa and accommodation in Abu Dhabi, To and Fro Economy Air-ticket reimbursement will be given to all candidates.

  • Kindly do not send your CV to any other agency or upload to company’s web site because it will be considered as duplicate & you will not be allowed to attend interview.

For more details, please visit www.manavconsultants.com or call us on numbers mentioned below for queries if any.
Our client is seeking to hire the following positions, please forward this to your references if any who qualify for any of below positions:

Asset Integrity Engineer
Change Management Analyst
Engineering Manager
Fabrication Supervisor
Facilities Officer
Performance Analyst
Principal Instrument & Control Engineer
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Principal Operations Engineer
Principal Pipeline Integrity Engineer
Principal Shutdown Engineer
Principal Technical Integrity Engineer
Process Engineer
Purchasing Specialist
Reliability Engineer
Rigging Supervisor
Senior Automation Engineer
Senior Change Management Analyst
Senior Corrosion and Metallurgy Engineer
Senior Electrical Engineer
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Senior Operations Engineer
Senior Operations Readiness Engineer
Senior Reliability Engineer
Senior Research & Development Coordinator
Senior Standards Engineer
Senior Systems Engineer
Shutdown Coordinator
Strategic Category Controller
Technical Procedure Analyst
Workshop Engineer
Workshop Supervisor




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