Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Experience: 10 Yrs
Qualification: BE (Mechanical)
Location: Abu Dhabi
Minimum Requirements: 

  • Summary of required experience for minimum of 10 years in static equipment’s:
  1.  Familiar with all aspects of Oil & Gas Static equipment’s such as piping, pressure vessels, columns, fired heaters, steam boilers, heat exchangers and all types of valves operations and maintenance with sound management skills.
  2. Experienced in gas plants equipment routine and major maintenance, commissioning and minor related projects.
  3. Familiar with Maintenance Management systems (preferred with MAXIMO).
  4. Experienced in for Gas plants maintenance budget preparation and analysis.
  5. Preferred with experience in Root cause analysis for static equipment failures.
  6. Familiar with schedule risk analysis studies.

 Additional Requirements:

  • Main Functions.
  1. To develop & update Maintenance policy & review of company related standards (DGS) static equipment.
  2.  To participate with plants and Technical Engineering Division in the development, implementation and regular review of the static equipment monitoring , failure analysis, repairs and upgrade , and to assist plants in identifying solutions to the recurring chronic problems which require in depth investigation.
  3. Liaison with plants and Technical Engineering Division the contents of the prepared 5 years plan for Extra Ordinary maintenance and Major maintenance for the static equipment’s.
  4. To participate with plants in the development/ up‐date of maintenance t procedures and ensure.
  5. To review with plants the capital spares and insurance inventory for static equipment ensuring that optimum levels are maintained and to order replacement of aged parts.
  6. To review with the senior contract engineer within the OEM department to ensure that scope of work for long term service agreements with OEMs & non‐OEM service providers for utilization of specialist services & refurbishment of capital insurance spares & to ensure that the quality of repairs / overhauls are in line with the agreed standards.
  7. To ensure with plants and Technical Engineering Division the consistent quality throughout refurbishment work and replacement orders by performing careful check on the quality procedures of OEM / service providers and adequate inspections.
  8. To coordinate with plants, inter Division and Technical Engineering Division studies related to feasibility, life assessment, obsolescence, upgrades, and future strategies & evaluate OEM recommendations related to new technologies to enhance reliability, availability, efficiency & performance of rotating equipment.
  9. To support projects to review technical query sheets, vendor documents & attend clarification meetings with project divisions on issues related to rotating equipment




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