Sr. Operations Engineer

Experience: 10+ Yrs
Qualification: B Sc Degree in Chemical Engineering or higher
Location: Abu Dhabi

  • Min.10 years experience in oil/gas industrial and professional and running business
  • Simulation.
  • Familiar with feasibility studies implementation related to the production.
  • Assist Management in gathering and analyzing global measures of production excellence and in developing improvement plans for sites.
  • Develop & effectively communicate know‐how in relevant areas (laboratory, metering, product quality, treatment chemicals and production performance etc. non exhaustive list) throughout the life cycle of the asset to support its stakeholders.
  • To recommend cost effective optimum solutions for production problems to optimize operations, enhanced plants operational efficiency. Reviews similar proposals by process / production / operation engineering personnel.
  • To ensure the application of modern computer based tools as HYSIS, PIS, LIMS to achieve optimum performance.
  • Benchmark against world class Oil and Gas Operators and identify gaps/remedial actions.
  • Develop production excellence Business cases, screening alternatives and refining the selected alternative into an executable work plan.




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