Gas Plant Operator

We have an opening for “Operator” in one of the world’s most reputed Oil & Gas Operating Companies located in “Abu Dhabi”.

Experience: 5+ years

Education Qualification: Diploma / ITI

Company Profile:

Company is the operating company responsible for the processing of natural and associated gas from onshore oil operations. Expansion of the National Gas Grid to cope with the increase in gas supply and demand. Maximizing gas utilization in the different sectors (locally & export). Upgrading the National Gas Grid and its facilities.

Job Description:

To accepts responsibility of the job from the outgoing shift operator. The hand over process occurs in the unit operators’ shelter.

To read the Operators’ log book and understand clearly the plant status.

To Endorse work permits after checking that the conditions mentioned are correct.

Carries out detailed inspection of all machinery and static equipments. Machinery must be checked at least twice per shift. Static equipment, such as PSVs and sight glasses must be checked once per shift.

Closely follow the maintenance activities in his area and ensures that conditions do not change during the work. In case any changes occur that prevents maintenance from continuing the job safely, stops immediately and informs shift Controller for further action. Also reports the incomplete work permits to his Shift Controller.

Prepare and hand over equipments for maintenance, ensure the job is carried out as per the permit requirements, take over the equipment after maintenance job and confirm the availability.

Liaises with other operators as necessary.

Take periodic readings and records them on the log sheets. Inform Senior Operator of any significant changes.

Collect laboratory samples and hand over to laboratory.

Carry out simple maintenance works as required.

To maintain Company’s high standard KPI complete routine check list such as (PSV, Inergen system, gratings, end plug and leak survey check list etc).

Checking of breathing apparatus on daily basis and report any defect.

Ensures a safe working environment at all times and demonstrate commitment and involvement to Company’s HSE policy.

Suggest ideas to improve the plant working condition.

Upon the emergency situation (such as flammable and toxic gas leak, fire & threat to any equipment damage) activate field manual ESD and report to respective Panel Operator and Shift controller.

Acts as Auxiliary Fireman and supports Fire Crew during an emergency.

Participate daily in his areas’ housekeeping activities.

Report all Near Miss Incidents to the concerned Shift controller.

Prepare the required chemical batches as per the procedure. Adjust the chemical dosing rates as per the lab report, in co-ordination with Panel Operator.

Ensures the availability of chemicals, especially prior to a Holiday or Weekend, by advising his Shift Controller of stock and consumption.

Stops and starts equipment as directed.

Meet the running equipments change over schedule and record properly.

Completes the shift log book containing comprehensive details of plant conditions, details of valid work permits, status of housekeeping, areas of concern and hand over the job to the incoming shift.



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