Manpower Support for Oil & Gas Shutdown Jobs in Borouge, UAE

Client Overview:

A leading UAE contractor secured a significant 5-year shutdown contract with a prominent ADNOC Group Company based in Borouge, UAE. The nature of the project required a substantial number of skilled workers for short-term durations, with specific expertise in shutdown operations.

Client Challenges:

The client faced several challenges, including the need for a large workforce on short-term contracts (ranging from 30 to 90 days) and the mandatory requirement of prior shutdown experience. The specialized nature of the shutdown jobs demanded skilled professionals in various categories, creating a significant recruitment challenge.

Manav Corporate Consultants (MCC) Involvement:

Recognizing the client’s unique requirements, Manav Corporate Consultants (MCC) approached the situation strategically. Leveraging their extensive network and experience in manpower services, MCC proposed to serve as the primary provider for skilled personnel across diverse categories.

Solution Implemented:

MCC implemented a comprehensive strategy to address the client’s challenges:

Pre-screening and Verification: MCC initiated a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure that candidates possessed the necessary qualifications, certifications, and specific shutdown experience mandated by the client.

Skill-Specific Recruitment: Understanding the diverse skill sets required for shutdown jobs, MCC tailored its recruitment process to identify and place candidates in categories such as welding, inspection, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation.

Short-Term Employment Contracts: Recognizing the temporary nature of the shutdown jobs, MCC coordinated with candidates to facilitate short-term employment contracts that aligned with the project’s duration.

Continuous Engagement: MCC maintained open lines of communication with the client to understand evolving requirements, ensuring that the workforce supplied remained in sync with the project’s needs.


MCC’s proactive and tailored approach yielded significant results:

Successful Placement: MCC successfully placed 450 candidates for the initial shutdown, meeting the immediate needs of the client.

Long-Term Partnership: The successful execution of the first shutdown led to an extended and fruitful partnership, with MCC supplying over 1500 candidates across various skilled categories over the span of 5 years.

Client Appreciation: MCC’s commitment to quality, adherence to timelines, and understanding of the unique requirements of shutdown projects were appreciated by the client, solidifying MCC’s position as a reliable manpower provider.


Manav Corporate Consultants demonstrated its ability to navigate the challenges of providing skilled manpower for oil and gas shutdown projects in Borouge, UAE. The success of this case study highlights MCC’s adaptability, expertise in the recruitment of specialized roles, and commitment to building long-term client relationships.