Process for Qatar Certificate Attestation from India

Certificate Attestation for Qatar

Qatar is another sovereign state, situated in Southwest Asia. It occupies a small part of the Qatar Peninsula, on the northeastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. Qatar shares the land borders with Saudi Arabia on the South and the rest of its borders are surrounded by the Persian Gulf.

Qatar is officially known as ʺState of Qatarʺ. Although Arabic is the official national language in Qatar, most of the people, who are doing business, speak English.

The capital city of Qatar is Doha, where the country has got its main seaport and the international Airport. We see a great conglomeration of foreign nationals, the skilled and semi-skilled workers in Doha, as the city is presently undergoing a lot of economic and infrastructural developments, the country is also known for its large natural gas market. There are a large number of Indian expatriates in Qatar as well as considerably large population of people of Indian origin, born in Qatar. The country has about 7,20,000 people with an Indian population, at present.

Qatar Attestation – New Regulations 2016– new format for verification / Bonafide Certificate

There has been a major change in the document attestation process for the Embassy of State of Qatar located in India. Earlier the Embassy required a bonafide letter from University / Institute in a normal format which now is changed to a very complicated one. One can appreciate the intention behind this which is to curb the fake documents that some candidates may carry for their employment. However, for a bonafide candidate, the process has become much harder especially if she/he is located elsewhere and there is no one back home to take care of all the documentation needs.

All individuals who want to get their educational documents attested from the Embassy of the State of Qatar should note that Degree/diploma should be along with its Marks sheet and verification from the concerned university or institute and verification letter should contain the following information:

1: Authenticity of the certificate,

2: Study System (Admission- Full-time – Part-time),

3: Venue of study and Examination.

4: Type of Degree Obtained (Diploma, Bachelor-Master or ( Doctorate Degree )

5: Duration of course and duration spend to obtain this certificate.

6: Academy is whether government institute or private.

7: Academy’s Standard at the time of obtaining the said Certificate from

the institution.

Without above mention information, no document will be accepted for the attestation by the Embassy of the State of Qatar. This new regulation has been in place since June 2016 first week few days back).

This is causing a lot of issues for those who had already applied for bonafide / verification letters to their university/institutes as per the old format which was applicable earlier. But the embassy seems to be very firm about the new regulations and any deviation from the above 7 points is not accepted for document submission.

Some suggestions about getting the Qatar Embassy Attestation from India:

Many times the Institute/colleges are easier to get the required verification letter than the university. So it’s always better to approach the college first and get your letter in required format. You can submit the notice from Embassy to college so that they shall give letter in the required format for genuine purposes.

Once you get the letter, also remember that the final year mark sheet is equally important for Qatar attestation. Qatar Embassy does not entertain attestation requests for educational documents without final year mark sheet.

Once you collect all the documents it has to be attested first by Notary and Home department (where you completed the degree), followed by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and then finally the Qatar Embassy.

Therefore if one has to do hassle-free Apostille attestation without much trouble it’s advisable to find a good agency that is approved by Government and has a good market reputation, then hand over the job to them.

Is HRD attestation compulsory for Qatar Certificate attestation?

For Qatar attestation, HRD from the respective State is compulsory for all candidates irrespective of degrees and universities if it has to be done in Mumbai. If the HRD attestation is not there, still the certificate can be attested by going through a different process – Notary, MEA (New Delhi) and then Qatar Consulate. However only Govt. authorized recruiting agents may be able to undertake this process.

What is the documents requirement for Qatar attestation of Degree / Educational Certificate?

Requirement for Qatar Attestation of Educational Certificate:

For Fresh Candidates Traveling To Qatar For First Job

1) Original Degree/ Certificate with HRD. (Xerox Copies not allowed)

2) Final Year Original Marks Sheet.

3) Passport Copy. (First, Last & Visa pages)

What is the time frame for Qatar Attestation from India?

The usual time limit now is 5-6 working days, which may vary depending on earlier attestations done.

What are the charges for Qatar Attestation from India?

Charges for MEA + Qatar EMBASSY ATTN + Charges total: INR 5500/= Per degree certificate (educational). Charges may differ depending on the INR to USD conversion rate at the time of attestation.                                                                                                                                                         

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What are the charges for Non-Educational Certificates attestation from Qatar consulates in India?

The charges for a non-educational certificate may vary from INR 5000 depending on the document and whether translation of document is required. For Non-educational documents, the time required is less @ 3-4 days. All Birth certificates, marriage certificates and similar kinds of certificates are considered as non-educational documents/ certificates.

Latest Norms of Qatar Degree Attestation for Bonafide letter/Certificate as per Qatar Embassy

 There is a lot of change in the attestation process of the Qatar Embassy. The major changes are as discussed in below article. This article also deals with the following queries regarding Qatar Degree attestation:

 What is bonafide letter/certificate and why is it needed for Qatar Embassy attestation.
Who issues the bonafide letter/certificate whether the college/institute or the University?
What is the process after obtaining the bonafide letter from a college/university?
What is the process if an Educational degree is already attested but Bonafide letter/certificate is not attested
What is a standard format for a Bonafide letter which is acceptable to Qatar Embassy?
Can we get this process done through an authorized/licensed agency?
What is a Bonafide letter/Certificate?

If you read the format of bonafide letter you will understand that this is a simple letter which states that you were a student of this college/university for the respective course and batch and a bonafide student.
Now the Qatar Embassy needs Bonafide certificate/letter along with every Educational certificate which is submitted. This is an extra effort to ensure that no duplicate documents are submitted for attestation. This Bonafide letter can be obtained from all respective institutes/universities by the candidates by making special requests by the candidate.

Who issues the Bonafide letter certificate?

For those candidates who have obtained degree through full-time courses, the colleges normally give the bonafide letter/ certificate. For those who have appeared externally, the university itself gives them bonafide letter/certificate on special request.
What is the process after obtaining the Bonafide letter from a college / University? After obtaining the Bonafide letter/certificate following attestations are normally done before the Qatar Embassy attestation.

Home department – Mumbai

Ministry of External Affairs  – Delhi

What is the process if Educational degree is already attested but Bonafide letter/certificate is not attested?
It may happen that you got your Educational degree attested before this rule came into effect. Then after reaching Qatar they may ask you for a bonafide letter as per new rules. In this case, you need to follow the following process. Apply for bonafide letter/certificate to your college / University as applicable. Once you obtain the same then submit your bonafide letter along with the Xerox copy of original attested certificate (front + back) for Embassy attestation (no need to submit the original degree certificate document again). This may take 7 – 10 working days as the process is same again for bonafide i.e. Notary, Home dept, MEA and Embassy.

What is a standard format for a Bonafide letter which is acceptable to Qatar Embassy?
There are two standard formats, one for University letters and other for college letters. Whether to apply to University or college is answered in second question as above. Please see below the standard formats

College Bonafide letter format to whom so ever it may concern

This is to certify that Mr ABC XYZ (PRN.12345678) Roll No:- 456 had completed his B.Tech degree Mechanical Engineering course in this institution during the academic year June 2010- June 2014.
During this period his conduct & character were good. The course was completed in regular mode & the certificate issued was genuine and correct.
This certificate is issued at his request for purpose of submission to the Qatar Embassy.

 University Bonafide letter format.

This is to certify that Mr ABC ( PRN. 12345678 ) Roll No:- 456 had completed his B.Tech degree Mechanical Engineering course in this XYZ University during the academic year June 2010- June 2014
During this period his conduct & character were good. The course was completed in External mode & the certificate issued was genuine and correct.
This certificate is issued at his request for purpose of submission to the Qatar Embassy.

Can we get this attestation process done through an authorized/licensed agency?

The job of obtaining the bonafide letter/certificate has to be done by candidates or their close relatives only. Once the bonafide letters are issued correctly as per the above-given formats, the process of all attestations i.e. Notary, Home Dept, MEA and Qatar Embassy can be given to authorized and licensed agencies.

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