UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation in Chennai

UAE Certificate Attestation in Chennai is one of the most in-demand services. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most important country. UAE is known for its excellent employment network. In the last few years UAE Embassy attestation in India has become one of the most in-demand service as number of people going to UAE for employment has grown vigorously.

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So before starting the detailed procedure of UAE certificate attestation in Chennai let us see what attestation is.

What is Attestation?

Attestation is undertaken to prove the genuineness of the documents and it is asked when an individual seeks work or study visa overseas. Attestation meaning can be interpreted as a demonstration or proof of something. It is more of a legal term that deals with the lawfulness of evidence, a statement or a document or certificate.

Process of Certificate Attestation from UAE Embassy in Chennai

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  1. Notary Attestation– It is the first step of attestation. It is carried out at the local level by the authorized government officials.
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  1. HRD Attestation – HRD attestation is the process of verification of the educational documents. HRD authentication center is present in each state. If the educational document needs to get attested from the ministry of external affairs, then it should be first validated by the respective state HRD Department where university/ Board/ council is situated and from where the same certificates have been appointed.

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3. MEA Attestation– The MEA professionals proceed with this part of the attestation. When the papers are complete and as a mark of verification the MEA provides a stamp.

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  1. UAE Embassy Attestation – The attestation from the MEA is later re-checked by the authorization of the respective embassy. This ensures the reliability of the documents. If you are looking for the certification for UAE Visa, the UAE Embassy will attest your documents.

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  1. MOFA AttestationMOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is the department that handles the foreign affairs for UAE. You must do MOFA attestation before applying for Visa because MOFA attestation in compulsory.

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Also you can watch this video to know detailed procedure for UAE Attestation.

UAE Embassy Attestation Services Provided in Chennai

NOC Affidavit Attestation

Certificate of Origin Attestation

NOC Affidavit Attestation

Invoice Attestation

Power of Attorney Attestation

Free Sale Certificate Attestation

Registration Certificate Attestation

Transfer Certificate Attestation

Memorandum of Association Attestation

Board of Resolution attestation

Articles of Association Attestation

Medical Certificate Attestation

Certificate of Incorporation Attestation

Agreement Attestation

Also, check Process of Vaccination Certificate Attestation  as its important regulations for travelling abroad

This is all about UAE certificate attestation in Chennai. For more details please visit our Certificate attestation for UAE in Chennai blog


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