Business Improvement Engineer ,Abu Dhabi

The Field Optimization Engineer is in charge of optimizing drilling operations by optimizing new drilling practices and technologies that can improve well quality and reduce well time and cost.

I.              Main Duties/Accountabilities:  
            Performs all or any combination of the following Tasks:
a.     Conducts detailed time study of offset wells.
b.    Analyzes offset data, including bits, BHA’s, equipment and tools failure. Define visible and invisible Non-Productive Time, etc…
c.     Identify areas for improvement, recommend solutions and initiate implementation plan.
d.    Develops BHA and hydraulic solutions utilizing the proper engineering software. Develops an understanding of the root causes of drillability problems, including rocks mechanical properties and bit / motor types.
e.     Carries out post well review to ensure that lessons learnt are captured for planning the subsequent wells.
f.     Communicates with international research and engineering departments, associations and organizations to keep abreast with latest techniques, designs and ideas that have bearing on the improvement of drilling performance.
IV.        Main Duties/Accountabilities (Continue) :
g.    Participates in developing an effective knowledge management system. Initiate and / or coordinate the issuance of newsletter to publish present performance and best practices.     
h.   Is fully aware of the company Health, Safety and Environment Policy, Procedures, Regulations and Objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility. Ensures that work under his control is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.Ensures that new well engineering solutions and practices have no negative impact on HSE or life cycle end product quality. Implements specific safety management system program activities assigned to him.
V.         Job Context
The job incumbent plays major role in following up an updated technologies and practices related to drilling issues.
Recommends the best practices to maintain well quality and reduce cost.
Physical Requirements:
Minimal physical effort required.
Work Environment
Air-conditioned office 80% of the time.
Occasional trips to rig sites (exposure to prevailing either conditions (20% of the time).
VI.        Communications and Working Relationships/Work Contacts
a.       Has frequent outside contacts with contractors and manufacturers representatives to discuss equipment specifications, new techniques and tackle specific problems.
b.      Have frequent contacts with the personnel of other departments and divisions, as the job requires (Petroleum Development, and Information Technology).
c.       Has regular contacts with division personnel up to Head of Department level to obtain information and give advise.
VII.       Latitude Exercised, Decision Making authority and Responsibility
Reports to the Drilling Team Leader (Studies).Works according to Drilling & Petroleum Engineering standards and practices.Refers to his supervisor on major problems. Completed work is subject to review and directions.
Works at his sole capacity to achieve the required work assignments.
VIII.      Performance Measures
            Successful Performance in this role is measures by establishing metrics in the following areas:
1.             Off-Line operations are optimized
2.             Lessons learned system is effectively working
3.             Critical drilling issues such as NPT, flat time,  active time, —etc are analyzed and optimized
a.     Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum, Mechanical or relevant engineering.
b.    10 years experience in Drilling &Workover Operations / Engineering.
c.    Very good knowledge of English language.



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