Kuwait Embassy Visa Stamping Service in Mumbai

Kuwait Embassy in Mumbai has totally changed the rules and regulations applicable for visa stamping and visa endorsement applications

Quwait Visa Stamping Service In Mumbai

Earlier individual candidates submitted their passports for visa stamping and endorsement. Now the individual applicants are not allowed to submit the documents and passport at the embassy and only Authorised Agencies are allowed to do so further the GAMCA medical was applicable for Kuwait visa but now as per the new rules of Kuwait Embassy GAMCA Medical is no more valid the applicants have to get their medical exams done from specific centres and the cost of those exams is not less than 24000 INR. which is too high as compared to the earlier 4500 INR for the embassy fees for the visa stamping have been to around 11000 INR which is in addition to the cost of medical exam all this has put all the candidates in great trouble and their joining in Kuwait has become very difficult.

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