Process Safety Specialist

Experience: 12+ Yrs
Qualification: B.Sc. in Chemical Engineer
Location: Abu Dhabi
Job Specific: 

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of all international engineering standards & codes and loss prevention, techniques.
  • Well conversant with an oil & gas operating company plant activities & the key process safety requirements.
  • Able to take sound operations integrity decisions in co-ordination with technical authorities, plant engineers, etc. to safeguard process safety of all GASCO assets.
  • Excellent IT skills to work with MS office packages [MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Projects].
  • Display analytical, negotiation and problem solving skills.
  • Be able to show high-level communication, presentation, and technical writing skills.
  • Illustrate a comprehensive knowledge of industry best practices and technology trends, especially in the operations integrity & process safety areas.

The incumbent is also expected to display the following attributes:
Leadership; excellent oral & written communication skills; management; commitment to the mission; values and vision of GASCO; integrity; flexibility; customer service orientation; interpersonal and teamwork.
Main Accountabilities: 

  • Develop & Support process safety assurance programmes in Design & Projects:

To assure that all projects are designed & handover to operations, incorporating all process safety requirements to ensure safe operations.

  • Technical Authority implementation:

To liaise with Technical Authorities as required, supporting implementation of companies Technical Authority Standard, for all asset lifecycle phases, especially in the area of process safety.

  • Process Safety performance reporting:

To verify and ensure that the process safety performance is reported in line with companies & shareholder requirements. The position is also expected to define the reporting criteria required for process safety performance.

  • Communication & collaboration:

To collaborate with the facilities to roll-out and implement the methods and policies necessary to provide assurance of process safety:

  • Communicate process safety know-how;
  • Promote a culture of proactive attitude toward excellence in process safety;
  • Provide quality operations and technical support to safe operation of assets and act as technical interface between sites and other entities.
  • Integrity incident investigations:

To participate in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of integrity incidents where operations integrity is affected, for corporate learning and Integrity improvement.

  • Integrity/Process safety Audits:

To lead/participate in audits as per companies corporate risk controls and to track audit action items in companies incident reporting system to ensure all High & Medium items have been completed and closed out. The process safety specialist is also responsible to provide necessary support to update companies incident reporting system for all integrity related incidents.

  • Development & manage of OI documents:

Develop/Coordinate Asset Integrity procedures related to Operate and Project Phases to ensure process safety.

  • Optimization of process safety processes:

Proactively pursue opportunities for optimization of operating integrity practices and improvement of performances in such relevant areas as operations, technical or methods.

  • Asset integrity reports:

To prepare Asset Integrity reports for Management & Shareholders.

  • Process safety culture:

To support promotion of a culture of proactive attitude toward excellence in process safety.



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