Vaccination Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia (KSA)

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year has changed all of our worlds. Still most countries are beginning to reopen their borders to travelers with vaccination certificate attestation. But even then travelling post pandemic won’t be the same as it was earlier. 

Every country has Covid-19 regulations and safety measures for welcoming people. And vaccinated travelers will be the first to be welcomed back with open arms

vaccination certificate attestation for saudi arabia

If you are all set to travel to Saudi Arabia amid covid-19 situation, then there might be plenty of questions striking your mind. One of the most common questions that strike in the mind of most people is what are the standard travel rules and regulations for Saudi Arabia.

There are few mandatory rules by Saudi Government. You must know these changes into regulations.

Most important rule for travelling is any foreign national to Saudi Arabia, that person should be completely vaccinated i.e. two shots completed before travel.. The vaccination certificate which is proof of two shots taken is must at the time of travel. So if you’re planning to travel to Saudi Arabia, you must have a vaccination certificate. But that’s still not enough. The vaccination certificate needs to be attested from Saudi Consulate in Delhi / Mumbai before you plan your travel.

So, if you’re planning to travel abroad then make sure you’re vaccinated by Covisheld vaccines because it is internationally accepted.

You may think it is a hassle to get the document attested from Saudi Embassy. Yes it is if you do it personally by yourselves. But if you approach the right Agency to do the attestation process, your job will become a lot easier.  We can surely help you with the attestation process provided you are able to give us all documents at any of our offices in Mumbai / Delhi / Pune or Chennai. We can also arrange for Pick / Drop for you all over Pan India.