New Important Rules by Gulf Countries for Recruitment amid COVID-19

Last few months were very difficult for everyone as the flights were stopped and Gulf job recruitment was completely stopped. The corona cases are now getting low, so Gulf recruitment will start gradually. But this time the recruitment will start with new important mandatory rules by Gulf countries.

uae recruitment for indian after corona

Get Vaccinate yourself as soon as possible

First and most important rule is, the candidate must be vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. So if candidate is willing to travel for gulf job he must be completely vaccinated. So all the candidate should take this in consideration and plan vaccination accordingly. Whether it’s free vaccination or paid vaccination, candidate should go for earliest possible.

uae recruitment for indian after corona

Important Thing Before Vaccination

Also while taking vaccination keep one important thing in mind, vaccination with the Covaxin vaccine may not be considered valid for international travelling. So you must take Covishield or Sputnik vaccine to avoid further complications.

For the Covishield vaccine time between two doses is 84 days normally, but for overseas travelers, they have a special facility to allow the second dose of vaccine after 28 days. You just have to put your passport number to get your second dose.

Negative RT PCR is compulsory

Second rule is mandatory RT-PCR negative test at the time of travelling. This is also important rule, as candidate may think I am vaccinated so what is need of COVID-19 test. But in some cases, people with complete vaccination still gets affected asymptomatic COVID-19 and their COVID-19 test comes positive. So even after vaccination candidates advised to follow all COVID-19 rules i.e. using mask, sanitization of hands and avoiding unnecessary contact with others.

uae recruitment for indian after corona

These are the new important rules those must be followed by candidates to get job in Gulf countries.

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