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The pandemic ends and start of a new era: No it’s not over yet but we can surely say that lockdowns are over. The world has seen the worst of its fears come true during the last two years and now things are slowly coming back to normalcy. The recruitment industry has undergone huge turmoil same as any travel and tourism sector and now the Employers have restarted the hiring process although from selected countries like the UAE and Qatar. 
Even now Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many other countries have not opened direct flights from India and the recruitment of manpower from India remains on hold. But there has been a positive movement in recruitment of Engineers, Technicians and skilled labour from September onwards. Companies with sizeable requirements have started coming to India and conducting recruitment drives for their manpower needs.
A shift from Face to Face interviews to Video Conferencing:

Zoom, Skype, Google Meet Online Interview

Recruitment methodology has undergone a process change and shifted its modus operandi from face to face meetings to video conferencing and phone call interviews. There are certain advantages and disadvantages as well. 

The advantages can be listed as below:

  1. With new technology and mobile apps like Zoom, Microsoft Meets, Google Duo, IMO connecting to someone in real-time across the globe is very easy. So Employers, as well as candidates, need not make all effort to travel for that interview meeting anywhere. The meetings or interviews can be conducted from their workplace itself and candidates can attend those in the comfortable setting of their homes.
  2. The timings of the video meetings can be pre-scheduled to match the requirements of both the client and the candidate as the travel past is already eliminated.
  3. Multiple rounds of discussion can be scheduled in a matter of few days without any additional costs to both employer and the candidate.
  4. For skilled workers recruitment a group of workers can be assembled in the trade test centre and their interviews can be conducted by Employers Engineer who is sitting in his office in UAE and the Recruiting Agent in India is coordinating for the same.
There can be certain disadvantages too… 
  1. Employers and candidates both may not get a clear idea about the seriousness of other party and this is very important for overseas recruitment as the mis-hire cost is too high.
  2. Sometimes technical glitches or bandwidth issues may spoil the interview flow and lag in communication can create problems in overall communication during the course of the interview.
  3. Since the candidate is not making any serious effort or investment for attending the interview, he may not be serious about taking up the job too and the overall turnaround of the process may be low as compared to face to face interview process.
In spite of all above disadvantages, the coronavirus pandemic has forced this change in the recruitment process and working practices in all Industries. 
If you are an Employer and wish to hire skilled workers, Engineers and Managers from India do talk to us and our experienced team of professionals can be of assistance to fulfil your hiring needs.
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